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Comic Coloring

These pages were done for my portfolio as well as various clients.


1. MLP Friendship is Magic #33 PG 17 IDW 2015 Art by Tony Fleecs Story by Thom Zahler

         My Little Pony© Hasbro

2. A-Force #5 Inks – Marvel Published - Art by Jorge Molina

3. Star Wars Sketch Collab. – Linework by Ryan Browne – Colors by Jeremy Kahn (me)

4. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Cover – Marvel Published – Pencils by Patrick Scherberger,

         Inks by Roland Paris

5. Spider-Man Annual #37 PG20-22 – Marvel Published – Art by Paulo Siqueira


6. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #11 - Page 18 Publishing company -

         IDW Published: November 12, 2014 Writer: Ted Anderson

7. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #20 Page 9 Art by Brenda Hickey My Little Pony© Hasbro

8. Flintstones from Huckleberry Hound comic - Published 1960s - Issue and artist unknown

9. Tiny Toon Adventures - Published by DC Comic – Story: Plucky Duck Gets Stuck  

         Issue number: Unknown - Artist/Letterer: Unkown

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