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Comic Pages

Presented here are samples of my comic coloring work done strictly for my portfolio as well as for various clients.

A Force #5
Spider-Man Annual #37 PG22
Tiny Toon Adventures
MLP: FiM #33
MLP: FF #11
Casper #2
MLP: FF #20
Sonic Universe 72
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Heading 1

1. A-Force #5 Inks – Marvel Published - Art by Jorge Molina

2. Spider-Man Annual #37 PG22 – Marvel Published – Art by Paulo Siqueira

3. Tiny Toon Adventures - Published by DC Comic – Story: Plucky Duck Gets Stuck           Issue number: Unknown - Artist/Letterer: Unkown

4. MLP Friendship is Magic #33 PG 17 IDW 2015 Art by Tony Fleecs 

          Story by Thom Zahler My Little Pony© Hasbro

5. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #11 - Page 18 

         Publishing company - IDW Published:              

         November 12, 2014 Writer: Ted Anderson
         Artist: Jay Fosgitt Editor: Bobby Curnow My Little Pony© Hasbro

6. Casper the Friendly Ghost #2 - “She Scares Me Not”

         Line work by Jazz Dela Cuesta

         This page was done as part of contract work for American Mythology

7. Flintstones from Huckleberry Hound comic - Published 1960s  

         Issue and artist unknown

8. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #20 Page 9 Art by Brenda Hickey 

         My Little Pony© Hasbro

9. Page 15 from Sonic Universe Issue #72 – Publisher Archie Comics - 

         Publication Date March 4, 2015

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Fun Extras

Some fun coloring samples I've done in my free time. These range from splash pages to illustrations.


Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Cover
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Cover – Marvel Published – Pencils by Patrick Scherberger, Inks by Roland Paris
StarWars Sketch
Line work by Ryan Browne
Colors by me (Jeremy)
Konosuba Collaboration
Hakuren Studios provided the line art which I colored in.
Scootaloo Sketch
Finished this quick color piece of Scootaloo
Artwork by Jennifer Hernandez chibi-jen-hen.deviantart.com/
Colors by me (Jeremy)

My Little Pony© Hasbro
Ika Msume
Shinryaku Ikamusume

Illustration by Anbe, Masahiro

Colored by me (Jeremy Kahn)
Ringa Poster
Colors by Jeremy Kahn (Me)

Art by Audrey Carrothers
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Sonic Flatting Sample
Mega Man Flatting Sample
A Force Flatting Sample
Fantastic Four Flatting Sample
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Presented here are samples of my comic flatting work.

Comic Flatting

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A Force Flatting Sample